Seilbåt Vinsj Service

Vinsjer trenger regelmessig service! Lewmar, manufacturer of world class winches, recommends that you strip, clean and re-lubricate your winches two to three times during an active sailing season.

We are often shocked by the condition of the winches we service. We can tell you at a glance, if your winches have been neglected, if you have used incorrect lubricants, and yes… even if you sail with your dog (oh that fur!). Just as doctors tell us we need more exercise, your winches probably need more attention and care. High loads, corrosive conditions, lubricants that degrade over time, and small internal components all contribute to diminishing performance. We find that it is often a small neglected part such as a pawl or spring that breaks, running up repair costs and ruining a beautiful day of sailing. And worst-case scenario… faulty winches can cause serious safety issues such as backlashing, a forceful recoil that can easily break a person’s hand.

First, we encourage you to use your winches properly. Be sure to take enough wraps, three to four minimum, to distribute the load and avoid bending the arm on your self-tailer. Be sure that the stripper ring is tightly engaged under the stripper arm to prevent your rope from jamming and bending the stripper arm and/or breaking the ring. To keep winches pretty on the outside, wash them regularly with fresh water and dry them with a soft cloth. You can use non-abrasive liquid cleaner on chrome and stainless steel winches or bronze cleaner on bronze winches, but if you have alloy winches, just stick with fresh water. Vinsj service. Seilbåt Vinsj service.

Lewmar, manufacturer of world class winches, recommends that you strip, clean and re-lubricate your winches two to three times during an active sailing season. At the end of the season, they encourage you to completely strip them to check for damaged parts and make any necessary repairs before cleaning, lubricating and putting them back together. Seilbåt Vinsj service.

All Winches on a Sailboat and also on any Motorboat incl. Windlass, should be serviced at the start and ends of the season, as well as up to two or three times during the year (if you are racing)v and they should be a regular part of your boat maintenance schedule (see our feature «How to maintain your boat«). However, many boat owners in Norway don’t get anywhere near that much attention and only receive attention when problems can no longer be ignored. The smallest winch in  Norway cost from kr. 4.000.- (the very smallest one) and raising up to more then kr. 30.000.- . Yes, we know. You and your boat neighbour with the Motorboat might think there is no maintenance needed. How many winches does he got on his boat? Can he explain even how his Windlass works? Got it? Please think again and contact us that we can explain it to you. Free of any costs.

Yet frequent servicing is vital to the reliability and free-running of these crucial items – for this reason top racing yachts may service their winches every six or seven sailing days. This is the only way to guarantee they give 100 per cent performance, with the minimum of unwanted friction.

Beside of the hassle of working with a «non-serviced winch» and all the extra strength you need to operate it, there are also huge safety issues at stake. Imagine trying hauling up a man over board using a non-serviced winch and it will gave up exactly in this moment…


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