Shrink foil for boats is an excellent way to cover the boat with the winter. We offer shrink foil protections for boats for sailboats and motorboats of any size. Any shrink foil for boat application must be done ONLY by professionals! (otherwise your boat might discover a mildew cave in spring or your gelcoat will be damaged…) With shrink foil, your yacht is always protected from the elements and any dirt (e.g. cleaning or sanding hulls from neighbour boats, boat yard works, bird drops, etc.). Boat shrink foil will definitely protect your boat and teak deck from the nasty stuff you might have experienced before. Covering your boat with shrink foil during the winter or during a longer haul-out, is one of the best ways to protect your boat! We install fully automatic ventilation valves on any boat, so no moisture (mildew) inside the boat can accumilate during storage. Our boat shrink foil is very quick and easy to remove, non toxic and could be thrown in the normal garbage.


Shrink Foil

Shrink foil is the perfect protection for your boat during the winter season

Winter Storage

We offer complete Winter Storage Packages. Safe & secure

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All our staff are Yachtmasters and having a deep passion for sailing

Motor Service

Motor Service including inspection, oil, fuel filter & impeller change


Free hull inspection and application of new antifouling

Gelcoat Polishing

We offer complete boat wash, rubbing and sealing services for all GPR surfaces

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Our professional team comes from Greece, Norway, Sweden, Gibraltar, Germany and the U.K. Everyone is a Yachtmaster.