Are you tired of wasting time when mooring up your boat? We offer a full customised Rope Splicing Service. If you need loops or thimbles spliced into the end or ends of your rope please call us to discuss your requirements. We customise your mooring lines accordingly and adjust the length perfectly to your boat. We can add on clipping hooks or do what ever you want us to do with your mooring lines. Safe time when coming in your berth, hang the loops on your cleats and your boat is perfectly moored up – safe and looks ship-shape all the time.

The price for splicing 4 mooring lines is kr. 1.500.-/incl. VAT.

If you would like some advice on our rope splicing service please do not hesitate to contact our Rope Splicing Experts.

During the winter boats need to be washed down and various checks must be carried out. Systems including batteries, electrics and other operational equipment need to be operated and turned on periodically. If a boat is left to do nothing throughout the winter, numerous problems will arise, these may cause extra and avoidable costs on starting the new summer season.

Please also note that we offer this service to power and sail vessels for any size. Contact us for a personal quote. You will be surprised how in-expensive our services are.

We offer regular cleaning of the exterior and interior of your boat (even once off) so that on arrival you can relax and enjoy your vessel. Running the Engine or generator for battery life preservation. Ventilation of the boat interior. Deck wash before the owners arrival and after the cruise. Washing all on-board laundry. Cleaning of cabins, lounge, kitchen, toilets etc. Storage of the dinghy at the company’s premises in the dinghy store and launching the dinghy to the FYS dinghy jetty upon your arrival. Boat maintenance during change of ownership issues etc.


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Mooring Lines

Mooring lines customised splicing service for perfect length.

Customised Lines

We offer tailored services for customised mooring lines for small boats.

Safe Time

Safe time when mooring up your boat and ensure your boat is safe at all time.


No more mess with your lines. Just hang the eye over your cleat.

For All Boats

Customised mooring lines for any kind of boat, motor boats and sail boats.


Personal service for your exact boat mooring lines requirements.

Vårt Team

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