Relax, we will take 100% care of your boat when you are not around! If you wish, you just come back after the winter, hoist the sails and start your new season. Our professional trained staff and tailored packages makes this possible for everyone!

Kompass Marine Services offers boat owners who do not live next to their boat or who are not able to be with their yacht throughout the year, boat guardianage including professional yacht maintenance services, at reasonable rates.  A boat left unattended can result in small problems becoming big and costly issues. Investing in the ongoing upkeep of your vessel will likely save you financially in the short and long term. Caring for your boat on a regular and ongoing basis is key to keep your vessel save, in first class condition and ready for use at any time.

Our full boat program of inspection, care and preventative maintenance assists to maintain your boats appearance, value, and level of condition. Our professional trained staff offers fully tailored boat guardianage services, carrying out periodical checks, cleaning exterior and interior, boat repairs, arranging supplies and provisions and other boat management related activities, ensuring your boat is cared for and avoiding potential problems. You can follow our services provided to your boat via monthly reports outlining checks carried out, new discoveries, observations, next steps and photos. We also take care of your dinghy, wash your laundry and arrange car or scooter rental for you.

During the winter boats need to be washed down, getting fresh air to prevent mildew, the engine should run from time to time and various checks must be carried out. Systems including batteries, electrics and other operational equipment need to be charged, operated and turned on periodically. Water ingress through hatches or any other kind of leaks must be avoided at all time and checked regularly. If a boat is left by herself and on a full stop throughout the winter, numerous problems will arise, these will cause extra costs on the new summer season and could be easily avoided – and cheaper.

We offer our professional services for any kind of boat and size. This includes sailboats, motorboats and catamarans. Please contact us now, to give you a free quote for your yacht.

We offer regular cleaning of the exterior and interior of your boat (even once off) so that on arrival you can relax and enjoy your vessel. Ventilation of the boat interior. Deck wash before the owners arrival and after the cruise. Washing all on-board laundry. Cleaning of cabins, lounge, kitchen, toilets etc. Storage of sails, bimini and your dinghy at the company’s premises in the dinghy store. Boat maintenance during change of ownership issues etc.

Being not mobile is not nice and could cost you a lot of time. Just contact us and we will organise you a scooter or car of any type or size for the best price on the island. You do not have to leave the marina or boatyard for that. We will bring any vehicle directly to your boat.

Yacht Guardianage

Yacht Guardianage Service to ensure that your boat is safe & secure.

Periodical Checks

We offer tailored services and carrying out periodical checks.

Motor Inspection

Boat motor inspection to ensure that all is fine and in working order.

Air Venting

Regular air venting to avoid bad smell and mold in your vessel.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services for inside and outside. Including laundry.


Checking for leaks and avoiding any kind of water ingress.

Our Team

Our professional trained team comes from Norway, Sweden, Germany and the U.K. Everyone is a Yachtmaster and having a passion for boats. We are looking forward to take also care of your boat!