"Teakdecking Systems" - The World's Premier Manufacturer of Teak Decking invites you to discover unparalleled quality in teak decking and flooring. Kompass Marine Services AS ar distributør for Teakdecking i Norge.

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Teakdecking Systems. The original producer of pre-manufactured teak decking and interior floors for yachts and ships. Pre-manufactured in straight or curved panels to the plank sheer of the vessel.

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Custom and uniquely designed ESTHEC and HERCULAN® composite decking. Innovative materials withstand severe weather conditions at sea. For commercial vessels, cruise ships and yachts.

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Our range of Teakdecking products include caulking, cleaners and adhesives. Our Award-winning products are used around the globe for boat construction, maintenance and repairs.

Why is "Teak Decking Systems" the first choice for most captains around the world?

“Teakdecking Systems” (TDS) is the recognized leader in building modular sailboat decks and has produced more than 50.000 teak decks all around the world. That is why high-profile sailing yacht owners chose TDS for their replacement teak decks on their classic yachts such as Thalia, Tiara, Koo, Antares, Catalina, Ghost, and the restoration of America’s Cup Endeavor. Discriminating owners and builders of fine sailing yachts such as Hinckley, Swan, Morris Yachts, Baltic, Hans Christian, Royal Huisman, Vitters, and others choose TDS too.  Click for full list.

A sailing yacht deck is more technically challenging to build than a straight-laid teak deck for a motor yacht. In order get the curved teak battens to hold its shape to the sheer of the vessel we use proprietary, easily adjustable, interlocking jigs under vacuum pressure to assemble the panels. After more than 35 years, this fabrication system is still unique to Teakdecking Systems in the marine industry.

The deck on a sailing yacht has a lot more seawater flowing across it, so it is critical that the deck be completely watertight. To prevent any possibility of leaks, we use an impervious phenolic backing, vacuum bagged with our proprietary epoxy, to hold the teak battens together in panel form. Even if there were no sealant in the seams, water would still not penetrate beneath the teak decking.


Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We do this by proposing and delivering innovative designs, unparalleled quality, and impeccable installations—all with a commitment to excellent service. Since 1983, we have installed more then 50.000 teak decks.


You require exceptional quality and performance from our products, and we deliver these globally to a wide range of customers: Do-it-yourself small boat owners, high-volume production boat builders, custom yacht builders, boatyards, major shipyards, and cruise ships.


Teakdecking Systems was launched in 1983 with an unwavering commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. Honoring these values created a model for success and longevity, earning the trust of tens of thousands boat owners and captains worldwide.