Sonihull Mono

kr 24.993
  • Complete package for yachts up to 32 feet
  • Ultrasonic pulse generator control unit
  • Dimensions 175 x 130 x 75 mm
  • 1 ultrasonic transducer output
  • Power supply for control unit 100-240 VAC / 12-24 V
  • DC-Power consumption average 3.6 W
  • Transducer with 6.5 m cable
  • Industrial epoxy adhesive
  • Total weight approximately 4 kg

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Sonihull Norge Ulrasonic antifouling pris seilbåt motorbåt Oslo Drøbak Moss Son


Complete Ultrasonic Antifouling System for yachts up to 32 feet.

Sonihull Mono ultrasonic antifouling system. Easy (self) to install system. Very effective against biofilm, pollution, algae growth on ship hulls, in filters, in drinking water systems, on propellers and bow thrusters. Environmentally friendly, durable and maintenance free.

The Sonihull Mono is a ultrasonic antifouling system for yachts up to 32 feet in length.

Each transducer is powered by a dedicated signal generator, offering a continual signal to all transducers.
Transducers and their cable connections are rated for submerged operations.
Transducers have no exposed metal.
AC/DC power option defaulting to AC.
Automatic shut off in Low Voltage DC power situation to protect batteries.
Remote system status monitor.
Manufactured “In House” for the best possible quality control.
Virtually undetectable to the human ear with no need for a “sleep switch”.

Sonihull Ultrasonic Antifouling System offers superior performance and reliability with a combination of features not offered by any competitor. This environmentally friendly system does not introduce metals or chemicals to the environment. You’ll encounter less frequent haul outs and cleaning thus making this system very cost effective. Increase efficiency by saving fuel when motoring and faster speeds when sailing. Easy installation with no hull penetration required. Automatic voltage selection between AC and DC, defaults to AC when short power connected. Protect your hulls, sea chests, pipework, propeller shafts, stern drives, water jets, rudders and trim tabs from fouling. Works great on GRP, composite, aluminum, steel, carbon or kevlar.

Which Sonihull System?

Not sure if the Sonihull Mono is the correct system for your boat? Refer to our Sonihull sizing chart or speak to our experts.

Sonihull Mono Installation

The Sonihull Mono is very easy to install as there are no through hulls. Read our installation instructions for complete step by step guide on how to install a Sonihull Mono system.

Transducer Positioning

Placement of the Sonihull transducers is extremely important, the better the placement the better the results. Check out our transducer placement diagram to see where to place the transducers, or talk to one of our experts.



Sonihull Norge Ulrasonic antifouling pris seilbåt motorbåt Oslo Drøbak Moss Son

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