Natemasse Applicator Nozzle Pro

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Natemasse Applicator Nozzle
Available in 4, 5 & 6mm
Profesjonell teakdekk produkt
Used on most Super- & Megayachts & Cruiseships

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Teakdecking Systems Norge


Teakdecking Systems Applicator Nozzle Pro


Specially designed nozzle applicator for TDS SiS-440 Tubes or Sausages – saves product and trimming/sanding time.

The screw on applicator guides the cartridge nozzle down the deck plank groove limiting the overflow on the teak faces.Thanks to its rounded tip, the applicator allows you to make a perfect rounded joint.Limits sanding and saves product.When you are finished, clean it well with a cloth and acetone then close it with its cap.Set-up details:For 10oz Cartridges:Cut the yellow nozzle 25 mm from the tipScrew the applicator onto the nozzle endFor 20oz Cartridges:Cut the cartridge nozzle 10/15 mm from the tipScrew the applicator onto the nozzle

“The Professional’s Choice”
SIS 440 Teak Deck Caulking

One-part polymer adhesive/sealant neutral cure
No primer necessary*
Over 35 years of proven success

SIS 440 Caulking provides the durability boat owners require. It is a one-part, paste-like neutral cure formulation and when exposed to moisture in the air, it reacts to form a tough, flexible, solid rubber. The material does not sag during cure. Once cured, it has excellent temperature stability and chemical resistance. This neutral cure is non-corrosive to all substrates.

SIS 440 Caulking was developed mainly for teak decking seams. This silane polymer cures to provide better adhesion, longevity and appearance as compared to polysulfides, polyurethanes and MS polymers. SIS 440 has the highest rating resistance to UV, excellent resistance to chemicals and excellent temperature stability.

*SIS 440 Caulking is a well-tested and proven product in hot or cold climates, and no primer is needed when Application Instructions on packaging are followed as written.


**Click for Special Notes: “Gray & White Caulking – Installation Guidelines and After-Care Suggestions”



Teakdecking Systems

Teakdecking Systems Norge

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