Kompass Marine Services offers båtførening, seilbåtføreing, motorbåtforening og privat båt båteier i Oslo og Viken region båtvakt og  guardianage, båt vedlikehold services, and a full check if every guest boat staying at your marina has paid for the stay over night, at reasonable rates. We also offer security services for båtforeninger and private boats. A boat left unattended can result in small problems becoming big and costly issues. It might be a stolen outboard motor or other things. Most likely it is a stuck engine because you use it too little. We run all systems and make sure that all is in order and working. We follow up your boat when ever you are not around and make sure all is safe & sound. Even in storms or when you are on vacation. There are options for everyone. Ideally, your marina or båtforening is making a deal with us, so it becomes a lot more cheaper and you can sleep better at all time. Lately we have seen many boats with broken mooring lines next to our customers boats (our boat where safe – because we took care of them!). Some of the other boats got already gelcoat & hull damages (raising from kr. 4.000 – 295.000 without lifting etc.) – some other boats were sinking and a total loss because no one was looking after the boat.

If your upholstery is starting to rodd (because of too little air ventilation etc.), well, you have another problem. This will cost you from kr. 5.000.- upwards.  Investing in the ongoing upkeep of your vessel will likely save you financially in the long term. We make also sure that you can just come to your boat and start sailing straight away! Caring for your boat on a regular and ongoing basis is key to keep your vessel in first class condition and ready for use.

Our full boat program of inspection, care and preventative maintenance assists to maintain your boats appearance, value, and level of condition. We offer special prices for boatclubs/båtforening. At Kompass Marine Services we offer tailored services; carrying out periodical checks, cleaning exterior and interior, repairs, arranging supplies and provisions and other boat management related activities, ensuring your boat is cared for and avoiding potential problems. You can follow our services provided to your boat via monthly reports outlining checks carried out, new discoveries, observations, next steps and photos or via our new App.

Talk to your havenchef or the guy/women who is in charge for your Marina and we will give you a tailor made price!

Båt Vakt

Båt Vakt Service to ensure that your boat is safe & secure.

Mooring Lines

Mooring lines check to ensure your yacht is safe at all time.


Checking for leaks and avoiding any kind of water ingress.

Air Venting

Regular air venting to avoid bad smell and mold in your vessel.

Periodical Checks

We offer tailored services and carrying out periodical checks.


Boat engine & system inspection to ensure all is in working order.

Vårt Team

Vårt profesjonelt team kommer fra Norge, Sverige, Tyskland, England og Hellas. Alle av oss ar Yachtmaster.