Coppercoat bunnstoff – Miljøvennlig og langtidsvarende bunnbehandling ! Coppercoat er den mest holdbare og langvarige bunnstoffbehandlingen som er tilgjengelig på markedet – virker garantert i 10 år! Coppercoat fikk internasjonal miljøpris i 2011! Coppercoat benyttes til behandling av skrog til alle typer motorbåter, seilbåter og Superyachts. Les mer av Coppercoat Superyachts. Overflaten blir glatt og hard – virker i minst ti år. Drivstoffutgiftene synker og farten øker. Bunnstoffet er en to-komponent epoxy behandling, sammensmeltet med rent kopperpulver. Coppercoat benyttet også på Subsea installlasjoner og vindkraft. Ny Coppercoat produktserie for større fartøyer. 

Coppercoat er produsert  siden 1991 fra England – et produkt som er fokusert på miljøbevissthet og reine råvarer. Reduserte drivstoffutgifter og økt miljøbevissthet. How much does it cost? The price for Coppercoat is only slightly more expensive then normal Bunnstoff (roughly the double price then using Jotun Supreme). You will start to safe moment from the moment the application is done and your boat is launched back into the water. Next year you will laugh about the other guys, being dirty, inhaling toxic bunnstoff and wasting a lot of money! Considering the savings of boat lifting, material and labour costs you can safe in 10 years for a 36ft sailboat roughly: kr. 140.000.-! Your boat will be always faster (as the hull is clean) and you can forget about plastpest vs. Osmosis, as Coppercoat is a Epoxy-Primer. Boat lifters hate Coppercoat (because they loose money) – we love it!

Vi betjener fortrinnsvis kunder i Oslo, Oppegård, Padda, Drøbak, Son, Moss, Skjeberg og Fredrikstad.
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Grunnen til at Coppercoat sparer miljøet er først og fremst fordi  bunnstoffet sitter igjen på skroget/ installasjonen – ingen avskalling til naturen.Coppercoat benyttes til behandling av skrog til alle typer motor- og seilbåter. Overflaten blir glatt og hard – virker i minst ti år. Drivstoffutgiftene synker og farten øker. Bunnstoffet er en to-komponent epoxy behandling, sammensmeltet med rent kopperpulver.. En eneste behandling av denne vannbaserte og VOC-fri harpiks gir et høyt nivå av beskyttelse i minst 10 år!

To guarantee full functionality of this high end product, Coppercoat should only be applied by a officially trained and certified Coppercoat applicator. The drying time after application is a minimum of 48 hours, but better is 72 hours. Click here to download: «Coppercoat Application Guide» & «Coppercoat Surface Preparation Guide».

Kompass Marine Services AS år Coppercoat førhandler for Oslo, Oppegård, Padda, Drøbak, Son, Moss, Skjeberg, Fredrikstad og Sverige.

Coppercoat fikk internasjonal miljøpris! 

Winners of the “Most Eco-Friendly Business” award at the China International Boat Show, in recognition of our work to produce an environmentally responsible anti-foul. VOC-free. Water-based Epoxy. Recycled Copper. Tin-free. Grunnen til at Coppercoat sparer miljøet er først og fremst fordi  bunnstoffet sitter igjen på skroget/ installasjonen – ingen avskalling til naturen. En eneste behandling av denne vannbaserte og VOC-fri harpiks gir et høyt nivå av beskyttelse i minst 10 år!

Erklæringer fra noen av våre begeistrede kunder :

“Produktet er forresten fantastisk og har svart helt til mine forventninger”

“Jeg har benyttet coppercoat på min forrige båt, og jeg klarer meg ikke uten”

“Takk for kjempegod service !”

“Vi anbefaler bunnstofftet til alle våre venner, fantastisk”

Her er flere tilbakemeldinger fra fornøyde coppercoat kunder

Kompass Marine Services AS har lang erfaring med bruk Coppercoat, og gir gode råd og rask brukerservice ved behov.

Coppercoat benyttes til behandling av skrog til alle typer motor- og seilbåter. Overflaten blir glatt og hard – virker i minst ti år. Drivstoffutgiftene synker og farten øker. Bunnstoffet er en to-komponent epoxy behandling, sammensmeltet med rent kopperpulver.

Coppercoat applikasjon video

Coppercoat produsent

Coppercoat Superyachts

Forberedelser før behandling med Coppercoat – engelsk ( ta kontakt så sender vi info på norsk)

Coppercoat bruksanvisning – engelsk. ( ta kontakt så sender vi en på norsk)

Coppercoat produkt data blad

36ft Seilbåt

Labour costs (including hull preperation): kr. 70.000.-

Protection clothes / rollers etc.: kr. 8.500.-

Bunnstoff (Seajet / Material costs): kr. 14.240.-

Boat lifting and spyling: kr. 42.840.-

Fuel savings 5-15% (assuming kr. 3.000.-/per season): kr. 4.500.-


Savings in 10 years: kr. 140.080.-

43ft Motorbåt

Labour costs (including hull preparation): kr. 145.125.-

Protection clothes / rollers etc.: kr. 8.500.-

Bunnstoff (Seajet / material costs): kr. 46.712

Boat lifting and spyling: kr. 96.755.-

Fuel savings 5-15% (assuming kr. 30.000.-/per season): kr. 85.000.-


Savings in 10 years: kr. 362.092.-



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Reduserte Drivstoffutgifter

Reduserte drivstoffutgifter og enklere vedlikehold! Seilbat, Regattabåt, Motorbåt - alle størrelse!

Virker garantert i 10 år!

Coppercoat er den mest holdbare og langvarige bunnstoffbehandlingen som er tilgjengelig på markedet!

Best i test

Coppercoat er klart best blant 11 utvalgte bunnstoff ogsa epoxy primer. Coppercoat i "Bådnyt" test

Clipper Regatta

Alle 12 regattabåtene i  "Clipper Round the World" bruker Coppercoat som bunnbehandling


Coppercoat for superyachts er nyutvikle optimalisert og tilpasset for superyachter

Internasjonal Miliøpris

Winner of the “Most Eco-Friendly Business” award at the International Boat Show

General Questions

The life of Coppercoat depends on a variety of factors such as water temperature and salinity. However, typically in Northern Europe one should expect effective performance for at least 10 years, whereas in the Caribbean, 8 to 10 years would be more normal. Many of the first boats treated in 1991 are still performing well after more than 20 years! With an average thickness of 250 microns of Coppercoat being applied in a treatment, and a typical corrosion rate of less than 5 microns per year, it is easy to appreciate how this coating offers such long lasting and effective protection.

No! Applying Coppercoat is possibly the most cost-effective way to protect a submersed surface from marine growth. Over the treatments typical life of 10 years, the cost in product terms alone, will commonly be only 15 to 30% of the product cost associated with conventional single-season anti-fouls (depending on which brand you use). This does not take into account additional items such as lift costs, storage fees, labour, inflation, etc. which make a Coppercoat treatment even more financially attractive (why pay to have your boat ashore every year if you don’t need to?). When compared to using a standard anti-foul paint, customers with a Coppercoat-treated boat will typically break even in year 2 and then enjoy many years of free anti-fouling protection.

The following prices are intended as a guide only, to show just how cost-effective Coppercoat is. Please contact us for an accurate and personalized quote.

Boat length (feet)Yacht priceMotorboat price

N.B. This chart shows the likely total product cost of a Coppercoat treatment, which typically lasts for 10 years. For example, a 25 foot yacht has an equivalent cost of just £30 per annum!

Prices quoted are in Pounds sterling and exclude VAT and delivery.

Coppercoat is the combination of a specially developed two-pack epoxy resin and 99% pure copper. Each litre of Coppercoat contains 2kg of ultra fine copper powder, the maximum allowed by law. On immersion, sea water attacks the exposed pure copper, causing the formation of cuprous oxide. This highly effective anti-fouling agent deters growth until the surface degrades further to become cupric hydrochloride. This final copper form is highly unstable, and is washed away by the movement of the yacht, thereby removing any accumulating silt or slime. This automatically reveals a fresh copper-rich surface whereby the process recommences.

Yes. Coppercoat can be successfully applied to virtually all craft, irrespective of their size and usage, hence is sold to both the commercial and leisure sectors. Coppercoat is also supplied to underwater structures such as tide-powered turbines and effluent diffusers as well as bar screens in power stations.

A complete treatment is achieved in a minimum of 4 thin coats (ideally 5) which must be applied, wet-on-tacky, all in one day.

Specifically designed to be user friendly, this water based and VOC-free coating should be mixed thoroughly, one unit at a time, and simply applied to the prepared surface by roller or spray. For application by roller, short pile (simulated mohair) sleeves should be used, although some high quality foam rollers are also suitable. The recommended rollers are available from AMC Ltd. or Kompass Marine Services AS.

A complete treatment is usually achieved within four or five thin coats, which must be applied ‘wet on tacky’ all on the same day. For full details please visit the application section of the website.

No. With the resin carrier insulating each copper particle, the final coating is inert and non-conductive. A current can not pass through Coppercoat and this coating does not cause or promote electrolysis or cathodic decay. Consequently Coppercoat can be safely applied to metal structures such as iron keels and steel or aluminium craft (after the application of an appropriate epoxy primer). The property of electrical non-conduction in metallic powders including copper was first discovered in 1890 by Eduard Branley and is known as the “Branley Effect”. Sacrificial anodes should be fitted in the usual manner.

Yes. Applying Coppercoat to the hull of a boat will have no effect to an outboard motor or stern-drive. As mentioned in the answer to the previous question Coppercoat does not cause or promote galvanic corrosion.

Freshly applied Coppercoat dries to a rich copper brown. After immersion Coppercoat oxidises to a dark, verdigris green colour. This colour change commonly takes several months, depending on water conditions. Because of the sheer quantity of pure copper in Coppercoat, it is simply not possible to produce the coating in any other colours.

The inherent waterproofing qualities of the epoxy ensure that a treatment of Coppercoat will help prevent osmosis in GRP craft and offer extra protection against corrosion in steel vessels. However for an even greater degree of protection, additional anti-osmosis epoxy can be applied as an undercoat.

Yes. Kompass Marine Services AS stock and supply a full range of epoxy barrier coatings for a variety of substrates and circumstances. Coppercoat is also compatible with most other epoxy-based products commonly used for osmosis protection and corrosion prevention.

Coppercoat is the toughest and most abrasion resistant anti-foul available (as demonstrated by the TABAR abraser test) and therefore is extremely durable. However, in the event that the coating is damaged or scratched it can be simply touched-up by rubbing back the surrounding areas and applying a new full treatment of Coppercoat to these small patches.

Touch up / Coppercoat repair kits are available from Kompass Marine Services AS, so please contact us for further information.

A treatment of Coppercoat must be applied all on one day, with the multiple coats being applied wet on tacky.

Correctly applied Coppercoat will continue to deter marine fouling for many years. The annual chore of repainting associated with conventional anti-foulings is no longer necessary. If, over the months, a slight accumulation of slime does appear, this can be removed by pressure washing or brushing. An annual wash or brush is recommended. Eventually, usually after several years, the surface may benefit from being lightly abraded with a fine grade of “wet and dry” paper or a burnishing pad to expose fresh copper.

No. Unlike most other anti-fouls Coppercoat is a permanent, highly abrasion resistant coating and therefore merely lifting will not cause any damage to the coating.

Yes. All twelve boat from the Clipper Round The World Race have Coppercoat applied! As Coppercoat is a blend of pure copper and two-pack epoxy resin, the coating is both strong and water-proof. After application the coating can be burnished to give a very smooth racing finish, which (as the coating is non-absorbent) is the equivalent of dry-sailing a boat but with the advantage of anti-fouling protection allowing the boat to be kept afloat.

Yes. The smooth surface provided by Coppercoat epoxy anti-foul helps any boat to perform to its’ full potential. While traditional anti-fouls absorb moisture and become rough over time, Coppercoat retains its’ impermeable and smooth surface. In fact, many owners experience an increase in speed after applying Coppercoat.

Yes. A clean hull is key for saving fuel. Some of our customers reported up to 20% fuel savings after Coppercoat was applied.

Yes. Coppercoat is a permanent epoxy coating and therefore unlike traditional anti-fouls, is not affected by drying out. Coppercoat is the perfect choice for dry moorings and trailered boats as it is highly abrasion resistant.

Classified as non-leaching, this highly effective coating is considerably kinder to the environment than conventional self-eroding anti-fouls. The complete treatment has been tested and approved by the Health and Safety Executive, in compliance with UK and EU law. Holding HSE Certificate Number 7532 Coppercoat is fully approved for use by both professional tradesmen and the general public. Coppercoat is tin-free and fully complies with current (2001) International Maritime Organisation (IMO) resolution MEPC.102(48). Within the UK Coppercoat is used by the Environment Agency.

Launched over 20 years ago, Coppercoat is the original long-life copper rich epoxy anti-foul. As with most successful products, lesser imitations have appeared in the intervening period. Inspite of bold claims, products such as Cupro FF, CopperGuard, Cu17, Halcyon 5000, Copperbot 2000, Cop-R-poxy (to name but a few) have all failed and been discontinued. Coppercoat is unique, having been continually available since 1991 and is the only coating to have a well proven (not theoretical!) lifespan of 10 years plus. This helps to explain why over 30,000 customers in more than 40 countries currently use Coppercoat.

Kompass Marine Services AS in Oslo, Drøbak and Son is selling Coppercoat and act as the sole suppliers for Norway and Sweden. We do not distribute through chandlers – we offer a more cost-effective “next-day” mail order service, and exhibit the product widely at both national and international boat shows.  To discuss or place an order please contact us here or alternatively you can either call us on 902 11 529 or email info[@]
Payment can be made by cash/invoice/Vipps.

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