Every certain hours you should do an engine maintenance. (depending on manufacturer advise) This will ensure a longer live and a safer sail. We have done this tutorial that you can do it yourself.

The marine engine we are using for the pictures is the MINI-44

  • Start the engine.
  • Allow the engine warm up at least 5 minutes then turn it off.
  • Remove the oil drain plug using ring spanner or similar (size 18).
  • Connect the external oil pump to the end of the oil drain hose for oil pumping. Place the outlet of the pump into an oil collection container.
  • Wait for a while to drain the engine completely. After the drain operation put and tightens the oil drain plug.
  • Replace the oil filter if needed – see following picture. If you are uncertain, change it! Check Chapter “2. Oil filter replacement (further down” to know how to change a oil filter on your boat diesel engine)
  • Fill with oil (For a Solé Diesel MINI-44, the oil capacity is 6 liter.), or according to the oil circuit capacity and specifications described in your boat engine instructions manual.
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  • Start the engine for 1 minute and check for any leaks.
  • Stop the engine and wait for 5 minutes before checking the oil level.
  • Now, check the oil level. The oil mark on dipstick has to be between H and L marks. Do not put too much oil in the engine! If your oil level is too low, fill it up.
  • In case of engine is not perfectly balanced (mounted horizontally), contact the engine manufacturer to determine the correct oil dipstick mark.


  • Remove the oil filter using a filter extractor.
  • Clean the surface of the engine block where the new filter should be placed.